Play Your Cards Well


Yes, I know, you may be thinking that I’m giving another trite and cliche piece of advice about gambling. But bro, come to think of it, isn’t the Internet flooded with same old gambling reminders? But regardless of this fact, sometimes, hearing the same old advice is helpful.

Play your cards well because in the competitive arena of gambling, there is only you and your card game. Other players are just additional elements to make your game exciting, so don’t mind them too much; instead, focus on your game. Concentrating means being aware of your every move and accepting the fact that gambling is risky, which means you can either win or lose. I know you may be screaming at me right now just to tell me that I’m telling the same old story. But hey, have you ever thought why you have been so depressed whenever you lose? Well, that’s the sign of lack in concentration.

To make this entry a bit different, let me share with you a love story. Here’s a man who promises to give the woman everything—sweet words, perfect moments, and ideal life. As time casinobonus ohne einzahlung passes by, the woman keeps on waiting for the man to fulfill his promises. But one day, the woman wonders what happens to the man because he suddenly disappears. She knows how to find him, but she chooses to stop believing and forget him. Why didn’t she find him, instead?

For the woman, love is like gambling. She is ready to take the risks but she understands well that losing someone is part of those risks. So when she realizes that she has lost the man, she simply accepts it instead of being depressed. Lesson: no matter how you play your cards well, you will still encounter loss. So instead of being frustrated after losing, sigh, smile, and let go.